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7, Odunuga St, Opebi Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Patod Electric Service




Patod Energy provides specialized photovoltaic system (solar energy systems) sales, installation, and maintenance services to cater to your various alternative power demands. Solar energy systems are mainly comprised of multiple solar panels, a DC to AC converter (inverter) and a rack system that holds the panels in place. This can be of immense benefit to your power consumption demands as this system enables you to exploit unlimited solar energy for your consumption. It is more reliable, efficient and, in the long run, more affordable than any other source of power.

Patod Energy provides our customers with an extensive analysis of your prospective or extant projects and advises on which of our products or services suit your peculiar needs. Our quality products and impeccable installation expertise guarantees to cut your energy costs drastically by at least 20% or provide an uninterrupted power supply – depending on the adopted solar power system and your energy demands.