• Opening Times:Mon – Fri 9am- 5pm
7, Odunuga St, Opebi Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


  • Patod Electric Service

    Patod Solar provides our customers with an extensive analysis of your prospective or extant projects and advises on which of our products or services suit your peculiar needs.
  • Patod Rice

    Rice, a staple food in most homes, has an ever-increasing demand that is herculean for the nation’s recovering agro-allied sector to satisfy even after laudable intervention policies by the government
  • Patod Water Service

    Patod Solar water pumps utilize electricity generated from a solar energy system to run water pumps.
  • On-Grid Solar System

    The On-Grid System is characterized by the use of a solar energy system in conjunction with your respective electricity distribution companies.
  • Off-Grid Solar System

    The off-grid system is a self-sufficient solar power generation and storage system which is constructed to cater to your power demands...
  • Hybrids

    The hybrid system is a combination of other non-solar power sources with a solar power system.